Taster Sessions

During your rotation you are encouraged to find taster weeks to broaden your experience of your mental health rotation. Here are contacts for various specialties: Forensic / Prison visit: Pentonville health care - mental health consultant forensic psychiatrists: Dr Katherine Bartlett ( katherinebartlett@nhs.net ) Dr Nadji Kahtan: ( nadji.kahtan@nhs.net ) Acute wards: name: Dr Stefan Lorenz email: stefan.lorenz@nhs.net location: Tulip ward, Blossom Court, St Ann’s Hospital name:Dr Jonathan Greensides email: j.

QIPS and Audit

As part of your FY years you will be encouraged to think about Audit and Quality improvment projects. These can be fun and often linked with positive change in your practice and the systems around you / within your team. We have a QIP lead within the trust who can be contacted for any advice on how to conduct them: Manager: Alison Brandon Deputy Director for Quality Improvement Email: alison.brandon4@nhs.net The following links are examples of QIPs/Audits and samples that have been completed by your peers in the past:

Useful Websites and Blogs for Psychiatry Enthusiasts

Here are some interesting links - to fora, articles and videos that are of relevance to learning about psychiatry.

Welcome to FY Psych Rotation at Haringey

Welcome to the psychiatry rotation. I hope you are able to enjoy and learn about mental health in your four months with BEH trust. Regarding any queries about curriculum or SLEs the following links can be helpful: Foundation Programme NHS http://lonkssfoundation.hee.nhs.uk/useful_links http://lonkssfoundation.hee.nhs.uk/courses-conf-events Please remember to register for breakaway courses and safeguarding elearning on ESR https://my.esr.nhs.uk/ http://staff.beh-mht.nhs.uk/working-for-the-trust/breakaway.htm Do not worry if the feeling at the beginning of the rotation is a little like when boating.