Taster Sessions

contacts for specialty taster sessions for BEH FY’s

During your rotation you are encouraged to find taster weeks to broaden your experience of your mental health rotation.

Here are contacts for various specialties:

Forensic / Prison visit:
Pentonville health care - mental health
consultant forensic psychiatrists:
Dr Katherine Bartlett ( katherinebartlett@nhs.net )
Dr Nadji Kahtan: ( nadji.kahtan@nhs.net )

Acute wards:
name: Dr Stefan Lorenz
email: stefan.lorenz@nhs.net
location: Tulip ward, Blossom Court, St Ann’s Hospital

name:Dr Jonathan Greensides
email: j.greensides@nhs.net
location: Dorset Ward, Chase Farm Hospital

Eshwan Seedoyal - ECT coordinator ( eshwan.seedoyal1@nhs.net )
Dr Tobiansky ( r.tobiansky@nhs.net )
Dr Ivanov ( mariaivanov@nhs.net )

Home treatment team experience:
Haringey ( adrian.wilson4@nhs.net )
Enfield ( ajay.mansingh@nhs.net )

Management experience:
Assistant Medical Director:
Dr Deborah Dover ( deborahdover@nhs.net )

QIP advice:
Anna Spiteri - QI Facilitator
Email: anna.spiteri@nhs.net

Early Intervention for psychosis:
Haringey: Dr Ruth Kloocke ( ruth.kloocke@nhs.net )
Barnet: Dr Richard Parkin ( r.parkin@nhs.net )
Enfield: Dr Maja Elia ( m.elia@nhs.net )

Neurodevelopmental disorders:
Haringey ADHD clinic experience and learning disability:
Dr Bhathika Perera ( bhathika.perera@nhs.net )
Enfield Learning disability:
Dr Brian Fitzgerald ( Brian.Fitzgerald@Enfield.gov.uk )

Eating disorders:
Phoenix wing - Dr Yoav Jacob ( yoav.jacob@nhs.net )

Dr Lindsay Banham ( l.banham@nhs.net )
Dr Navin Chandra ( navin.chandra@nhs.net )

Barnet: Dr Said Alam ( saeedalam@nhs.net )
Haringey: Dr Bashir Khaver ( khaver.bashir@nhs.net )

Liaison psychiatry:
Dr Justin Shute ( justin.shute@nhs.net )
Dr Susie Lingwood ( susie.lingwood@nhs.net )

FTAC – fixed threat assessment service: (forensics)
Dr Richard Taylor ( richard.taylor18@nhs.net )

Drug and alcohol:
Dr Pardeep Grewal ( pardeepgrewal@nhs.net )

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:
TMS service that treat C&I patients & a TMS UK service that accept patients from different parts of the UK.
cim-tr.neuromodulation@nhs.net .

FY Tutor
FY Tutor

My professional interests are inpatient psychiatry.