Supervision for CT Trainees

Psychodynamic Supervision for CT Trainees in Haringey

Psychotherapy requirements for Core Trainees include as a minimum one long case and one short case of supervised therapy. Therapy modalities can be chosen according to the local service provision. Usually this will be psychodynamic psychotherapy for the long case and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy for the short case

Supervision for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Current psychodynamic therapy supervision groups for trainees in Haringey @ St Ann’s are scheduled:

  • Tuesdays at 12:10 (~ an hour and a half)
  • Wednesdays at 15:30 (~ an hour and a half)

This is on basis of max 5 trainees in the supervision group and two trainees can present their sessions in one supervision group session.

All trainees are expected to develop patient formulations within the first 4 to 8 sessions and then regularly (e.g. fortnightly) update the formulations. Formulations do not need to be long - 3 to 4 paragraphs. It is quite common, though, for the first attempts at formulation to be longer. Practicing formulation develops thinking about the case, helps to guide your interventions and makes writing summary reports at the end of therapy much easier. Your formulations will be discussed briefly at supervision and may be discussed on days when you are not presenting.

Plan for the time for writing up your sessions. This is a core method of training as you remember what exactly happened during the session; what the response to what you said was. As a rule for a standard 50 minute session it is highly unlikely that you will spend less than 70 to 90 minutes when writing the session up. Writeup should be in a dialogue format:

Patient: I am so sorry I am 15 minutes late for the session again… It was such a rush and the bus was stopping at every red light on the way… [pause]

Therapist: You want me to know that you are aware of your lateness and are feeling bad about it.

You will notice that as you grow more comfortable with therapy it leaves an impact on your everyday psychiatric practice interactions with patients.

Psychotherapy Tutor
Psychotherapy Trainer for Psychiatric Trainees

My professional interests are around practice of psychotherapy within psychiatry.