Psychiatric Competencies

This handbook is an overview of the competency checklist for psychiatry, a required assessment for all new trainees joining core psychiatry training schemes. The handbook aims to provide you with information about the assessment process and resources to prepare.

Details on Competiencies

Here you will find detailed descriptions of the Psychiatric Core Competiencies that you can build on throughout your career.

Psychiatric Competencies

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Here you can find recent posts that could help with various aspects of your development in psychiatry

Labour Day Greetings

By George Dawson on September 1, 2018

I have posted Labor Day greetings here since 2013 and did not want to miss this year. The previous posts highlight the problems of being a physician in the USA including being treated like production workers, mismanagement by managed care and their backer in the US government, the electronic health record as a physician burden, maintenance of certification and burnout. There was continued concern over the past year about burnout and physician suicide.

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Opensource Data Tools for NHS

By Roberts Klotins on July 22, 2018

High Quality Open Source Data Analysis Tools Use in NHS Setting This is a pilot project to demonstrate applicability of Open Source data collection and analysis tools in NHS context. No patient identifiable data have been used. Toolbox R - statistical programming environment is a statistical computing environment that has been developed for over 20 years and is available on any major university campus computers. It shines at data analysis and visualization.

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Maudsley Simulation London

By TrickCyclists on April 5, 2018

Maudsley Simulation is the UK’s first simulation training centre focusing on mental health with the aim of improving services for all who are affected or impacted by mental health issues. Since 2014 working as part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, we have successfully developed a range of new simulation training courses which you can browse our website for more information. To develop our courses, we have concentrated on a wide variety of settings and have worked with a range of other organisations to provide a portfolio of courses of which we are extremely proud.

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Cooperation and creativity in the NHS

By The Guardian on February 25, 2018

Readers discuss accountable care systems, health co-ops, hospital real estate and the benefits of regional planning. The gist of Polly Toynbee’s argument is obviously right (The NHS needs cooperation, not competition, to pull through, 19 February). She may not, however, know that here in Cornwall there is an effort being made to introduce an accountable care “system” (ie not “organisation”), which reassuringly does boil down to the sort of integrated care partnership that she and the King’s Fund promote.

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NHS Cooperation

We have not competed but pooled our skills together to produce this electronic on-line Psychiatry training guide for NHS.