4 Psychiatric Trainees & Psychotherapy

Some brief and useful information about psychotherapy and psychiatry training in BEH - Haringey.


Taster Sessions

During your rotation you are encouraged to find taster weeks to broaden your experience of your mental health rotation. Here are …

Literature for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: middle

Some references to articles that will make your journey through the middle part of therapy more interesting and understandable.

QIPS and Audit

As part of your FY years you will be encouraged to think about Audit and Quality improvment projects. These can be fun and often linked …

Literature relevant to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: beginning

Some references to articles that you won’t regret reading thoroughly in preparation to start a long therapy case.

Psychotherapy - an Introduction

Supporting information for the psychotherapy overview presentation presentation for the CT trainees in BEH.

Psychotherapy Tutor

Psychotherapy Trainer for Psychiatric Trainees



The purpose of this small website is to help the local psychiatric trainees to acquire their psychotherapy competences.

Psychotherapy training for Psychiatric trainees proceeds in two phases. For Core trainees there is a certain number of cases to be contucted under supervision and a certain number of Balint groups to participate in. This is evidenced by WPBA forms gathered well in advance of your next ARCP. For Higher trainees psychotherapy requirements are less well defined.


  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Group work
  • Data science
  • Therapy training


  • M1, ongoing

    Tavistock and Portman Foundation Trust

  • Mentalization Based Treatment, 2019

    Anna Freud Centre

  • Specialist in Medical Psychotherapy, 2019

    Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Specialist in Adult Psychiatry, 2013

    Royal College of Psychiatrists