Written Communication

By London deanery | September 26, 2018

Assessment of your written communication will require you to bring a piece of written communication that you have written, typed or dictated yourself.

Examples of written communication you can bring for assessment include:

  1. A GP/clinic letter
  2. An admission assessment
  3. An assessment/discharge letter or summary
  4. A referral letter
  5. A report

If you have not yet written any of the above, your trainer may ask you to draft a letter from one of the competencies you were assessed in earlier, such as psychiatric history, mental state examination or risk assessment.

To ensure competence in this clinical skill you must:
  1. Be able to produce evidence that you have the language, grammar and writing skills to produce accurate and understandable letters to other health professionals.
  2. Be able to accurately summarise the relevant aspects of the history and mental state examination in writing, using correct terminology and phenomenology where appropriate.
  3. You may bring a letter that you have dictated but has been typed by administrative staff. However, do check for typos and mistakes, as you will be responsible for those errors.

Form to sign off the Competency

Note: You can either fill this PDF form on a computer (preferably together with your assessor) and print it out for the assessor to sign, or you can just print the page and fill it out by hand together with the assessor. In any case after the form is signed, you will need to scan it to upload to your portfolio, just like you would with any paper-based evidence form. If you fill the form on your computer you need to SAVE it with a different name - so that the text you typed into the form gets preserved. A form filled on a computer probably, will be easier to read.

If the form opens directly in your browser you probably will not be able to type in the form fields - for that you need to open the form with your system PDF viewer - which likely will be Adobe Reader.

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